Mobile Optimization

Over 40% of traffic to your website is now from a mobile device. Mobile websites must be simple, fast and designed for users on the go. Less is more with a mobile website.

Is Your Website Mobile-Ready?

With the exploding popularity of mobile phone devices as well as tablets such as the iPad, local businesses cannot afford to overlook mobile marketing techniques and strategies. For example, most mobile phone users now use their phones to surf the web, but the majority of businesses still do not have a “mobile-friendly” website.

“Google believes that in three years or so desktops will give way to mobile as the primary screen from which most people will consume information and entertainment.”

With the new (4G) bandwidth technology more and more internet searches are now being done on mobile devices (iphone’s, iPAD’s, Blackberry’s and Android’s) than on laptop or desktop computers.

Traditional websites are designed to be viewed on a computer screen, not a small mobile phone screen. So viewing a regular website that is not “mobile-ready” on a mobile phone screen can be a frustrating experience for the visitor. You have to scroll all over the place just to find the information you’re looking for due to the limited viewing area.

If the website has any flash elements (fancy animations/graphics using Adobe Flash), they will not even show up on Apple devices at all. To make matters worse, websites of restaurants and hotels frequently use flash because of the “cool” factor of the presentation, and they are the MOST affected by not having a mobile site because these are typically services people access on mobile devices while on the go.

In fact, most “non-mobilized” websites don’t even load at all on mobile devices. People use their cell phones to search for local businesses while out on the go, and when they find a website that they can’t navigate or use, they quickly leave the site and keep searching.

There are many reasons why having a mobile website makes sense – take a look and see which ones you agree with…



Portability and Accessibility

Unlike a desktop or a laptop, mobile phones (and tablets) can be taken anywhere people go at any time of the day or night. In fact, most people keep their cell phones within reach at all times. And more and more people are using them to surf the web, so you must have a mobile-friendly site or your visitors will “bounce” off your site and go somewhere else to access the info they want.


95% of current websites will not render correctly on mobile devices. Your current site will most likely load very slowly on mobile devices. Mobile websites have to be smaller than traditional websites, which means you have to limit the amount of content you put on them. Your visitors will not stay on a website if they have to “do the pinch and pull.”

Mobile Search

Most smart phones today are equipped with applications that assist in convenient online search resources such as Google and Yahoo! Your business can easily be found when people search for products or services such as yours from their mobile devices. However, that visibility is useless if they click to get to your website and can’t find the information they need because your website won’t display properly on their phone.


Mobilizing your website is the perfect way to help your local customers find you. So it’s important to only put the information your visitors need while visiting your website from their mobile devices. Most people on the go are looking for your phone number, directions to your establishment, or your services list. So make sure these things are readily available and easily accessible on your mobile website.

As you can see having a mobile website just makes sense… they will load quicker, be indexed in the mobile search engines and your visitors are more likely to do business with you because you will be able to display exactly what they are looking for.

Mobile websites can dramatically increase the volume of potential customers who visit your business’s website without increasing your advertising budget.

Through the use of mobile coupons, social media apps, and QR Codes, DHWC will transform your existing website into a mobile friendly magnet for sales and customers.

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